Member Resources

# Download link Form name Notes
1 Download WAKR membership form Membership form
  • Completed form and fees should to be forwarded to the State Treasurer.
  • Please email the state treasurer after payment has been made so that your payment and membership can be reconciled.
  • If payment is via a bank transfer please include your name at the beginning of the bank transfer reference (there are limited characters and your reference could be truncated).
2 Download WAKR grading form Grading form
  • Forward this completed form to your Dojo Sensei for signing. Then forward the form to the Grading Organiser.
  • Written examinations may be completed prior to the grading date and submitted with this application, or as requested.
  • Use a separate form for each discipline or grading to be attempted and complete all fields where appropriate.
  • Overseas applications can only be submitted via an affiliated FIK National Federation, not from individual members. Members of overseas FIK affiliates must include a letter of approval from the President of their national association and a copy of their current Grading Certificate. Grading record cards will not be accepted.